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4.5 Inch Round Plastic Pot

Instock: 10


This image is only for reference.

About the Product

Valencia 11 pots are strong and resistant made up of high quality materials in different attractive colors and sizes . They are give amazing experience of fast growing plants in easily adjustable shape. It can be placed on the table in any room of the house or office.


* Height - 3.74 inches(9.5 cm)

* Diameter- 4.5 inches(11 cm)

* Shape- Round

* Color- White

* Material- Recyclable plastic.


* Round plastic planters are not not easily breakable hence best suits for sensitive places.

* They provide extra glory to plant with their attractive shape and color.

* They provide  adjustable and comfortable headroom for the plants to grow healthy and happily.

NOTE: *Picture shown is only for reference, Color may vary slightly due to lighting effect.