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5.3 Inch Round Plastic Planter (Antique Gold Finish)

Instock: 9


This image is only for reference.

About the Product

Rounda 1412  pots are strong and resistant made up of high quality materials in different attractive colors and sizes . They are give amazing experience of fast growing plants in easily adjustable shape. It can be placed on the table in any room of the house or office, and can be hung in balcony, inside house using suitable appliance like Uri 1412, kangaroo 1412, swan 1412.


* Height - 4.7 inches(12 cm)

* Diameter- 5.3 inches(13.5 cm)

* Volume- 1.25 ltr

* Shape- Round

* Color- Antique golden finish

* Material- Recyclable plastic.


* Round plastic planters are not not easily breakable hence best suits for sensitive places.

* They provide extra glory to plant with their attractive shape and color.

* They provide  adjustable and comfortable headroom for the plants to grow healthy and happily.

NOTE: *Picture shown is only for reference, Color may vary slightly due to lighting effect.