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African Marigold (Yellow) Plant

Instock: 10



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About the Product

Type of Plant – Outdoor
Grow Upto – 3 feet
Plant Sustainability – 25-30°C
Light – At least six hours of direct sunlight and do well with year-round warm to hot weather
Watering – Water moderately and allow compost to almost dry out before watering.
Flower colour – Gold, Yellow.

  • One of the health benefits of marigolds is that it is used in the treatment of minor burns when used in the form of ointments or a tincture.
  • Flowering plant
  • Marigold are famously used as ornamentssl plants because of the vibrant golden yellow flowers. But aside from its attractive appearance, it also offers various helath benefits.
  • In addition to its vibrant colour that adds to its attractivness, marigolds can be used to help treat and alleviate various aliments.