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Aglaonema Costatum, Chinese Evergreen (Green) Plant

Instock: 10


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About the Product

 Type of Plant – Indoor
 Grow Upto – 3 feet
 Plant Sustainability – 18-24°C
 Light – Low light. Too much light may cause its leaves to fade.
 Watering – Water moderately and allow compost to almost dry out before watering.
 Ideal for – Living room, Bedroom.
  • It filters Formaldehyde, Carbon monoxide, Benzene toxins from the air.This is suitable for those living in cities.
  • The fragrance of Asparagus can kill the bacteria and viruses in the air to ensure your health.
  • It can also help to those who are exposed to heavy cleaning solvents.
  • It emits high Oxygen content.