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Aloe Vera

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This image is only for reference.

About the Product


Aloe-vera is also known as an immortal plant is mine of vital nutrients containing  75 different biologically active constituents like vitamins, enzymes, minerals,etc which can boost up immunity of a person. It is a thick, short-stemmed plant that stores water in its leaves which is also called as nature’s tonic due to ability to cure diseases like skin burn,skin cancer.It is trending in the ayurvedic, herbal cosmetics, medicinal, ornamental markets.


Type of plant


Bloom Time

rarely(mostly summer)


Leaf  * length approximately grows  up to 15.7 to 27.5 inches

         * width approximately grows up to 3.9 to 5.9 inches 

         * thickness: approximately  grows up to 0.7 to 1.1 inches.

Total plant height may grow up to 27 to 39 inches with 23 to 47 inches.

Favorable Climatic conditions

13 and 27°C (unsuitable for frost winter ).


What plant gives and expects:


* Aloe vera juice is ideal for the liver because it's hydrating and rich in phytonutrients.

*Aloe vera gel contains a substance that forms disease-fighting antibodies and stimulates white blood cells and enhances cell function.

*Aloe vera  helps soothe sunburn, moisturize the skin, boosts healing of wounds,fights skin-aging, healing dry skin,fungal infections,excessively oily skin,conditioning hair and scalp,reducing infection and acne, reducing weight.

How to grow

* Place in bright, indirect sunlight or artificial light to grow healthy

* Water aloe vera plants deeply, but infrequently. To discourage rot, allow the soil to dry at least 1 to 2 inches deep between waterings. Don’t let your plant sit in water.

Box content

Quantity:  1 Aloe vera plant 

Height of plant:  1 -1.5 inches

Weight of plant: 2 Kg

NOTE1. Picture mentioned is only for reference.

             2.  Length, width, and number of flowers/leaves/branches may vary as per availability. 

             3.  Growth predicted may vary due to zonal or climatic changes.