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Chlorophytum, Spider Plant In 5 Inch Pot

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This image is only for reference.

About the Product

Type of Plant - Indoor

Type of pot-Plastic 5 inch pot

Type of soil-Organic ,Healthy soil.

Grow Up to –  3 feet
Plant Sustainability- 18-24°C
Light – Bright indirect sunlight
Watering – They like plenty of water, between spring and summer.
Ideal for -Living room, Bedroom.

  • It filters Formaldehyde, Carbon monoxide toxins from the air.
  • This is suitable for those living in cities.
  • Spider plant can perform photosynthesis under weak light and absorb harmful air.
  • This plant releases oxygen and absorbs formaldehyde. So they are called Green Filters.
  • It can also help to those who are exposed to heavy cleaning solvents.
  • It emits high Oxygen content.

Note: Only Plant will be delivered in this pack. The pot image is only for the reference.