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Jade Plant, Elephant Bush Plant

Instock: 7



This image is only for reference.

About the Product

Type of Plant – Indoor
Grow Upto – 10 feet
Plant Sustainability – above 30°C
Light – Full to partial sunlight
Watering – It requires normal watering when the soil is dry in the summer, and very little watering in the winter.
  • It is easily grown as a seasonal accent plant or low maintenance houseplant in our part of the world.
  • The home interior is an excellent place to grow elephant bush houseplants.
  • It has flat round leaves and compact shape makes it the Asian equivalent of a money tree.
  • The plants are fairly resilient and easy to grow as indoor.
  • These plants are considered to be symbols of good luck.

Note: Only Plant will be delivered in this pack. The pot image is only for the reference.