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Money Plant (Green) Small

Instock: 8



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About the Product

Type of Plant – Indoor/Outdoor
Grow Upto – 20 metres
Plant Sustainability – 15-30°C
Light – Partial sunlight
Watering –  Water thoroughly and allow the soil to dry out a bit between watering

  • You can grow this as an indoor or outdoor plant.
  •  Keep a stem of money plant in a bottle of water and decorate indoor or outdoor.
  • Able to clear formaldehyde from the air, it is a beneficial plant to have in your living room or as a hanging plant, as the leaves will grow down in cascading vines.
  • Money plant is one of the best plants to purify air pollute with synthetic chemicals from furniture and cleaning solutions.
  • Money plant activate positive energy in our day-to-day lives. It is recommended to plant money plants inside the house as they bring good luck.