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Neem Tree Plant

Instock: 10


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About the Product

Type of Plant – Outdoor
Grow Upto – 75 feet
Plant Sustainability – 20-25°C
Light – Full sun to part shade
Watering – Water moderately

  • This evergreen tree is highly resistant to drought, and has fragrant white flowers. It also known for its medicinal powers, with nicknames such as ""Divine Tree"and "Village Pharmacy" in India.
  • The Neem tree is also a source of environment-friendly natural pesticides.
  • Oral doses of neem leaf extracts reduces insulin requirements by between 30% and 50% for diabetes.
  • Neem kills cancer, supreme anti-microbial/anti-infection, removes calcification of all kinds, supreme skin healer, anti-dandruff, supreme oral care, blood cleanser, blood-sugar balancer, kills scabies, dust mites, & bed bugs.