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Plant Flag 10pcs

Instock: 932


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About the Product

We have come up with Indian Flags for the coming Republic Day which are made from seed paper- the base paper (made from recycled paper) has variety of seeds embedded.

So after the event, rather than throwing it in dustbin for disposing, it could be sown in the soil and get a beautiful plant 🌱
This is basically to reduce plastic.

Let us use wear seed paper flags this Republic day instead of using plastic flags.

Please circulate the word around, it would be a huge favour.


Min order 10 pcs

We used different seeds for best result

Size : 2*3 square inches

Last date for placing order : 22nd January 2019 for out of Hyderabad orders. For orders received After 22nd Jan 2019 delivery will not be possible before 26th Jan 2019